Produced Work


WORD STUFF, Produced by 3Girls Theatre Company, Potrero Stage, San Francisco, Monologue for LezWrites! Radical Hope and the New Resistance, August 20, 2017.

WEATHER GUY, Produced by Linn Benton Community College at the Majestic Theatre, Corvallis, Oregon, 10 Minute Play in a Day Festival, April 7, 2012.

ANNALEE’S BENCH, Red Octopus Theatre, Produced at the Newport Performing Arts Center, Newport, Oregon, Spring 2008.

MISS FURR AND MISS SKEENE, Based on the short story by Gertrude Stein, for the West Coast Premiere of the Jonathan Katz play, COMING OUT, produced by Prince Pannesi at On the Fringe, Los Angeles, 1982.


THE ENCHANTED JOURNEY, Published by Samuel French. Originally produced by the Castle Court Players, San Francisco. Productions throughout the USA and Canada.

THE PRINCE OF RULES, An Alchemical Music, Staged at the Koret Theatre, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco.

PETER AND THE WOLF, An Adaptation in Mime, Produced and toured by the San Francisco Repertory Company, San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area.

THUMBELINA, Produced and toured by San Francisco State University Creative Arts. Winner, First Place Award in a Playwrighting Competition sponsored by the San Francisco Children’s Theatre Association.

RUMPELSTILTSKIN, Premiere production by the Castle Court Players, San Francisco. Subsequent productions in professional, community, and college theatres throughout California, Washington, and Colorado.


DISAPPEARING ACT, Adapted from A PUFF OF ORANGE SMOKE by Lael Littke, Produced by Black Lion Films for CityVisions, San Francisco Community Access Television.

TALLULAH, Produced by Cloud Films for Sonoma State University School of Expressive Arts.


THE MOON BENEATH THE WAVES, Tai Chi Dance Theatre, Produced by the Sun Lu School at Sonoma State University Student Center.


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