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Urban Addict: London, San Francisco, Portland, Paris. Island Girl: Manila, Manhattan, Maui. Life-long: Writer. Reader. Artist. Dancer.


There is one art, no more, no less: to do all things with art— lessness. Piet Hein Advertisements

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The Essential Ingredient of Story

Originally posted on ShadowSpinners:
by Christina Lay Story: An invented prose narrative shorter than a novel usually dealing with a few characters and aiming at unity of effect and often concentrating on the creation of mood rather than plot. –…

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Ask Yourself

“Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, ask yourself, how would Fred Astaire handle this?” — Mary, in Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen

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Holiday Indulgence

“Remember, Sparky—no matter what they tell you—you can never have too much sugar.” — John Travolta as the Archangel Michael in Nora Ephron’s film MICHAEL

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Before and After

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” “After enlightenment, carry water, chop wood.”

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Praha, Česká republika #01

Originally posted on Flaneur:
プラハ, チェコ共和国 Praha, Česká republika 6月末に休暇を取って1週間ほどチェコへ行ってきた。 滞在したのはプラハ。一日だけ日帰りでチェスキー・クルムロフへも足を延ばした。 欧州が熱波に見舞われていたせいか、かなり暑かったけど、 湿度は低く、蒸すような不快さはなかった。 天気には恵まれ、泊まったホテルの部屋も中庭に面して静かだったので、 どちらかといえば快適な旅だったと思う。 ところで、一緒に旅をした相方は名所巡りが好きだけど、 私は街歩きをしながら路地裏などの写真を撮るのが好きなので、 旅程の調整はなかなか難しい。 プラハ城やカレル橋など、いわゆる有名どころをしっかり訪れる一方、 私はといえば、ナビゲータをつとめながら、 名所と名所の移動の合間に気になる場所を見つけると、 「ちょっと待って」と言って写真を撮ってきた。

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Better Than Fireworks

This past Friday, the last day of June, I was watching a report on the White House request for voter information. A map of the USA showed which states were refusing to comply, and Oregon wasn’t one of them. Why … Continue reading

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昼下がりの散歩から #105

Originally posted on Flaneur:
恵比寿, 東京 Ebisu, Tokyo

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Whoa…Before You Sign That Petition

Petitions are delivered to my email inbox every day. The organizations that send them my way know I’m a Democrat, a liberal, and in my own moderate way, an activist. I usually agree with and care about the issue(s) these … Continue reading

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“Fired” by Kim Stafford

You’re fired up now—now that the alpha boss is Boss of the world. You’re on fire to testify for fact, ready to stand before the bulldozer plowing sacred ground, thrilled to call every congressional father, mother, daughter, son to witness … Continue reading

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