Let me echo that…

Michael Moore made the rounds of TV talk shows last week, promoting “Trumpland,” his new movie. It turns out that Trumpland is not about Trump. It is, Mr. Moore said, about Hillary. He was for Bernie, now he’s for Hillary, and he’s making a case for why it’s so important to elect Hillary as our next President.

Michael Moore in Trumpland

Michael Moore in Trumpland

What impressed me most about Michael Moore’s message was his wholehearted concern that people would not bother to vote. Before Mr. Comey went all-out partisan and used his position as FBI Director to help Donald Trump, most of the polls put Hillary comfortably ahead of Trump. Now those polls are tightening. If there are still people out there who think it doesn’t matter if they vote, we are screwed. Not voting will give us President Donald J. Trump.

The stats vary, but at least forty percent of Americans are for Trump. Forty percent! And if they’re for Trump, they are generally die-hard Trumpettes. They are undeterred by his misogyny, his racism, his lies, his bullying, his bankruptcies and bad business deals. People voting for Trump generally either love him fanatically or hate Hillary intensely, or both. Believe me, they will turn out to vote.

So, wherever you are, whoever you are, vote. Encourage everyone you know to vote. Especially if you’re a Democrat, vote. After all, it’s really the Democrats who didn’t turn out to vote in 2010 who gave us our current do nothing, dysfunctional, defeat-Obama-first and country-comes-last Congress. If you were for Bernie, vote for Hillary. She’s incorporated many of the ideas and issues that made you love Bernie. She’ll continue to work with him and be accountable to the people who were a key part of his campaign. If you’re a Republican who cares for country first, vote for Hillary. Many Republicans are doing just that, and it’s renewed my faith that we who are on opposite sides of the aisle can work together again to solve problems and make the country work for all of us.

Hillary is an intelligent, incredibly competent, strong and capable woman who has worked with Republicans in the past and who has what it takes to get to solutions and get things done.

Hugh Laurie on Trump: "He's... unspeakable."

Hugh Laurie on Trump: “He’s… unspeakable.”

As for Trump, he’s shown us who he is, and I need add no more. I can only repeat what Hugh Laurie said about Trump. “He’s…unspeakable.” If he were in the White House, the consequences are unthinkable. If you don’t want him to be your President, only you have the power to send him back to being a rich private citizen. Let me please echo Michael Moore: Vote. Vote for Hillary. Vote.


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