Movies and A Story

I keep wanting to write about certain movies, but don’t have the time as yet to give them the kind of detail and attention they deserve. The only movies I can give short shrift to are the ones I hated. I know — hate is a strong word — but I would so love to have those hours back. I mention them here in the hopes of saving you time better spent elsewhere.

Worst Movies This Year (So Far):

Magic in the Moonlight. Oh-My-God. Not even Colin Firth and a bevy of good actors can save this impossibly boring and completely predictable movie. Woody Allen famously makes one film every year. Woody, if you’re within earshot: TAKE A YEAR OFF. At least a year, so you’ll be able to discern good from bad once more. Since nobody else will tell you when the movie you’re making is deadly dull, please, for our sake, let yourself know.

Mood Indigo. A French film full of cinematic trickery, with a gossamer-thin story line. It starts out all confection (boring and maddening) and ends up all Kafkaesque death-despair-poverty and ruination (equally boring and incredibly depressing).

I’d love to say more about My Favorite Films This Year (So Far):

About Time from director Richard Curtis about love, family, and time travel.
The Book Thief, about promises, family, and the power of the written word.

These films are completely different, both are wonderful. More to come, in a yet to-be-determined future.

Funniest Movie I’ve Seen To Date:

Muppets Most Wanted. Nobody does silly like the Muppets, and this is pure, classic Muppet madness, with funny humans Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais and Ty Burrell adding to the hilarity. I could go on, but I’d just be giving away the whole caper-movie plot. One of my favorite moments is in the set-up for the caper that the Muppets walk into wide-eyed and innocent: Ricky Gervais, as Nicholas Badguy, produces his business card, and the Muppets have the expected reaction to his name. He says it’s pronounced Bah-gee. “It’s French,” he tells them. If you love or like the Muppets, this is one of their best.

And A Story

The only thing I don’t have to write in the future, because it’s already written, is my story Doctor Snap, about big-time therapy from a pint-size gal. Some of you already know, but for those of you who don’t: Doctor Snap has been published and you can read it at Gay Flash Fiction.


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