Zen Reliable, Zen Surprise

I have read that the way to blog is to choose a topic, or a theme, or your top three interests.  In this way, one builds a readership—your blog attracts people who share your interests and who resonate with your chosen theme.

My interests are eclectic, and what I offer in Zen Crunch is to share my thoughts and feelings about those eclectic interests. That bent way of blogging led me to think about reliability. I can reliably go to The Saturday Morning Post to read about the writing life, or to The Matilda Project to read about books and independent bookstores. What is there to rely on in Zen Crunch? Perhaps you can reliably come here when you want to be surprised, because there’s no telling what you’ll find. It’s my version of reliability: my own, odd little niche in the blogosphere.

My surprise today was sun. After an interminable period of rain and clouded skies, the sun is here, bright and beautiful. It came up with the dawn and is still shining this afternoon; it looks to be with us till dusk. I took a walk, and saw a neighbor out in her yard, looking a little dazed and dazzled by the light. We greeted each other and she said, “The sun is out. It’s amazing.”

“I know,” I replied. “It’s incredible.”

Below Sundial 2

May you have lovely surprises in 2013. Happy New Year.


About Cristina

Urban Addict: London, San Francisco, Portland, Paris. Island Girl: Manila, Manhattan, Maui. Life-long: Writer. Reader. Artist. Dancer.
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2 Responses to Zen Reliable, Zen Surprise

  1. ASA says:

    back at ya, dear cristina. I can always rely on your wit, wisdom, perspective and point of view to ift my spirits and give me something to think about.


  2. Cristina says:

    Thank you, Anne. As for wit and wisdom—they’re one of my favorite duos. Hope to see more of them in 2013.


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